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Hello and welcome to my site. Here's just my corner in the net where I rant about stuff. Sometimes also with other friends, but I'm a loner, you know.
Well, what would you know? That's a great question. But hey, first off, some things about me: I live in Germany, am a web-developer, play tennis, and so on. My life is not as eventful as you may think ^^
Yeah, that's kinda sad, but hey, life's worth living, right? Right. So, what else? I don't know. Maybe you'll be looking around here or so, am not sure. Just go and have some fun.
So what is H33T? H33T is a project I once made with a friend.
It was for fun, we just teamed up, calling our group "H33T" like the Torrent-tracker, and that was the beginning. Well, of nothing much. It ended all in mid 2020.
He went on a very long journey in late 2020.
Since then, for a few months, there was nothing. Then, in August 2021, I bought the domain, setup my old laptop and used it as a webserver. At first, you could see here our very first website. It looked trashy as hell, but well, we were 12 at that time. Four years passed now, I changed and know better nowadays.
I don't want to say too much, so this little story ends here now. If you want to know more, get to know me better.
Maybe I'll tell you someday.
Oh, and before I forget it: I was inspired for this theme by one made by Shiricki from Angelic-Trust and is partly influenced on GUBBLEBUM. You can find their button where the others are. Thanks, lady.
Now, I'll tell you some things about me.
This is a picture of me
I live a fairly good life in Germany, have a ten year old dog, Nelly, and a cat which is thirteen years old, Pittiplatsch. My mum came up with the name of the dog in 2012, when she was born, and the cat's name was the creation of my two older siblings, they called her like a character from a popular, older show in Germany.

I visit a high school and, well, don't have that many friends. Okay, now, what is the definition of "friend"? I think I made a journal entry about that. Go read it. I can tell you how many friends I have at that school: Zero. None. Just a few mates, but not friends. That's sad, yes, but that's how it is and nothing's gonna change.
For your info, I'm not a Nazi. I'm fighting for women's rights and have nothing against love of the same genders.
Now, I'm really curious about who you are. Why not write your story in a mail? I'll add it to this site if you want to. Just let me know.
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