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Yes, as you can see, I offer free hosting for some things. However, before you try to apply, please make sure to have read the following and make sure your sites fulfills the criteria. Or else you will be simply ignored since I am not your daily whatever-you-want hoster.
This is great:
-> Anime & Manga sites
-> Anime & Manga image archives
-> Manga Readers for Scan groups
-> Personal Journals
-> Artwork Portals
-> Personal Sites
-> Sites Collectives
-> Big sites with a lot of content
-> Just ask me if there's more
This is bad:
-> Sites about anything I don't like
-> New sites built in 5 minutes without much content
-> Sites giving no credit
-> Inactive sites without updates
-> File-sharing sites like Anonfiles
This is what you need
-> An existing, working site
-> Knowledge on how to use an FTP-Client
-> Motivation to update your site
This is what you get
-> yourname.h33t.moe or yourname.henai.eu
-> [email protected] or [email protected]
-> Nearly unlimited webspace
-> Custom PHP version & MySQL
-> 24/7 FTP access
-> No advertisements
-> New friends :3
To apply, join the Discord.
H33T.moe [Info]
HENAI.eu [Info]
wW Scans [Info]
fr33sp33ch [Info]
Nasuchan [Info]
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