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I'll try to always write regular journals of whatever just comes to my mind. Some are shorter, some are longer. Take your time and read them - only if you want to.
Reworking everything

Yo yo yo, saintly here.

Today I want to talk about my new site design.

For the first time, I released a site that is completely working that was created with TailwindCSS and a completely new PHP approach.

I rebuilt the site completely, only used a few old parts from the old site. I added a better MP3 player as well and worked with getId3.

I don't really think you like the layout but hey, I like it and everything's fine. I'm especiall proud of the header image I created with much luv, but well.

So then, see you :)
What are "friends"?

Yo yo yo, Saintly here.

As you might now, I don't have many friends at school. To be precise: Zero, none, NULL. Now you might wonder "how can he not have any friends at school?". The reason is simple, really:

It's because I have a different definition of "friend" than most others.

For me, friends are people I know almost as good as I know myself, people I can trust with my life, people I can tell everything without having to worry what they think about me. And those people are rare. It's true that having less but real friends is better than having a lot of "friends". Why? Because, ok, you have a lot of "friends", but can you do everything that I just mentioned? Can you trust them with your life? I don't think so.

I have exactly two friends. One is my closest friend I know for now over a decade, and one is a new friend I made two years ago when I told my first friend I need someone to build my new computer.

How I met him was pure coincidence. What if I watched a video of "How to build a computer" instead of asking him? Only a different universe knows.

I know I told you that I would write something longer, but I just couldn't find any motivation today, sorry.

Until then, Saintly.
On3 y34r H33T

So hello. This time, I want to talk about something different.

As the title already says, H33T just became a year old on the 18.08.2022. I bought the domain exactly one year ago, and now I had to renew it (which cost me 30€, but that's okay).

Because of that, I got some more time to think about some things that went wrong in my life: I'm not the person I want to be, I'm not as good as I want myself to be, but I can't help it in any way. Maybe I'm just to stoopid, but I don't know how to change and even accept change, is it my mind? As I said, I don't really know.

But now, it's almost two years since Finn's passing, and man, you missed some things. Team H33T are now three people! With you, it'd be four... well.

Also, some things on the site changed:
- MP3 and WAV listening in Downloads is now possible
- MKV is now a supported file format in Downloads
- Images have been reworked and got some fixes

As well the guestbook which I'm working on is in development. Can't say much about it except it being somewhat good right now. I'll have to work on it some more though.

So yeah, I have a longer entry waiting for you in the next days, but that's it for today.

Goodbye, saintly
Vacation's been great!

Yo yo yo! Saintly here, once again not with rant, but something different.

As you may know, I've been in Turkey for the past three weeks. In the first two weeks, I was relaxing my ass off in Alanya, where my family owns a flat, and for the last week I stayed with my grandmother in Istanbul at our old house.

So, it was really great! I slept everyday until 1 o' clock and and after that, I went to the beach and enjoyed myself there. I also bought a bike, so I could go everywhere myself instead of always catching a cab like I always did in the past, but that is no more! Sadly, they don't have dutch bikes there, so I just bought the cheapest city bike I could get and... it looks like shit. I really despise those city bikes that try to imitate dutch bikes... they just don't look good, nor are they elegand, neither are they any good.

After my two weeks Alanya, I went to Istanbul by plane. My time in Istanbul was great as well. I got to spend some time with my grandmother, who is 82 years old, and enjoy the food that is there. It's different from the food in Alanya, since Alanya is more for tourists, and the place where I stayed in Istanbul was more for local people, such as the tasty soups like Ezo Gelin or Tavuk (chicken) soup. I ate at least two or three every day before I went to sleep haha.

Also, fun fact about the house I stayed in: When my grandfather became a guest worker in germany, he went driving with his VW T1 always between Germany and Turkey every month. After some time, he had enough money to buy some land in Istanbul and then he simply started building a house. No planning or what so ever, he just started building. Brick by brick. Four stories. It still stands and is in perfect condition and even looks pretty decent from the outside. My mother was born right in front of the house, in a blue house on the other side of the street. But that's a theme for some other time.

Now, that I'm in Germany again, school is starting on wednesday next week and yeah, ugh. Already started working on Mononoke and now I plan on working on FoOlSlideX and finish the theme migrating (for more context, join the Discord).

So yeah, thanks for reading.

On vacation

Yo yo yo guys, I've been making stuff now for over a year non-stop. It's time for me to rest now :)

I'll be going for three weeks, traveling through Turkey.

Wish you a great time.


P.S: I won't respond to any kind of Discord or eMail message in that time. Please understand :)
I'm really tired of cheaters

Yo yo yo! It's me, saintly, once again with some rant about computer games and their players.

You know, I'm a huge fan of CS:GO and Rainbow 6. I enjoy playing it alone or with friends, it's just a place for me where I can play and let go of reality and forget all my problems. But now, there are those people with more than no life: cheaters.

People who use external software to "get better" at the game. Of course, they won't get better at all. They think they get better, which is an illusion. They don't gain any skill. The software does it for them. There's no learning process, nothing. After cheating for half a year, your aim would still be shit, you wouldn't know any callouts or anything.

Now you might wonder: Why?

Simply because for fucks sake, you're a sour looser. That's why. You can't stand loosing, being inferior to anyone else that just tries, at least. You're nothing more than a sad creature.

You don't learn, your friends don't like you, and your family would be proud of you, knowing that you fucking use third-party programms to stop other people from enjoying the game and ruin their thirty minutes of playing.

I hope you could bear with me writing down all that, what frustrates me in games in general. There's always that cunt that tries to cheat, if successful or not.

If you are a cheater, a lovely fuck you from everyone. If not, thanks.

See you some time soon,

The Tape is done

Yo yo yo! Saintly here. As you may have read yesterday, I tried making my own VHS tape and... it didn't work out as well as I thought it would. Now, here's an update on this project: It somewhat worked!

So my problem yesterday was, that the resolution of the PlayStation is 16:9 and the one of Serial Experiments Lain is 4:3, so it was display on the PlayStation. Now, when recording the tape, which has a resolution of 4:3, it squashed the 16:9 to 4:3, which means SE Lain got squashed from 4:3 to 3:2 or whatever. It just didn't look good.

But my smart ass thought that if I stretched SE Lain to 16:9, the recorder would squash it to 4:3! And I did it. However, since SE Lain is around seven hours long, I needed to make two tapes, tape A having six episodes and tape B having seven episodes.

So I let it render over night.

The next day, today, I put in an old tape with some arabic movie nobody did knew it existed and recorded the first three hours of SE Lain. When I came back to my room, the recording was done and I watched it.

Result: YES! It recorded everything fine and the resolution was great! Well, it wasn't 720p or so, but hey, it was still great enough to watch by far.

Now, the problem I had: My Tape player is most probably broken. The sound is at some parts very broken and sometimes the tape kind "crashes" and displays me a blue screen of death... aha. I decided to buy a new one soon. I hope I can, because I have no money currently, but when I can, "then I will".

Okay, see you guys.

Making my own VHS tape

Yo yo yo! Saintly here.

As the title may say, I made my own VHS tape. Well, no I did not make one, I put some Anime on it. Took me some time, you know? At first, I was like "yes, let's go make my own tape" and I started digging our basement for old VHS tapes of my parents. I found the player at first after a few minutes of searching, but the remote and the tapes seemed to be missing. Well, that's not the main problem.

I brought the player to my room, connected it to my flatscreen TV from the 2000s which I found on the street and carried home (it weighs like 30kg or so whew), and plugged my PlayStation 4 via Scart into it. I didn't think I would ever need the Scart cables I got from my grandfather, but now I did. And well... I had the issue that the resolution of my PlayStation was 16:9 and the player tried to squash it into 4:3 which ended up being kinda broken.

Figured it wasn't a problem with the player but with the TV, because after changing the resolution of the player on the TV to "automatic", everything *seemed* to be working fine.

Okay, now with that problem out of the way, I could start recording. If there weren't something missing... ah, yes, the tapes! After asking my parents, they told me they didn't know. After literally digging through our whole basement, which took me two hours, I found some blank tapes which I could use. Well, I only needed one for testing, and I took it upstairs, threw it into the player and hit "record" while playing the first episode of "Serial Experiments Lain" haha.

23 minutes and 40 seconds later, the episode was recorded, and I watched it.

Something went... wrong. You know, I missed something.

The player records the screen, and still squashes it into 4:3, even if it displays 16:9 when recording. Yash. That means, I need to make SE Lain to match the resolution 16:9, the original resolution of it being 4:3 though, and watch it again while recording, so the player makes it to 4:3 then. Oh hell no!

Okay, after figuring that out, almost five hours passed and all I had was the first episode of SE Lain, recorded in 16:9, squashed to 4:3. Literally unwatchable since you can't read the subtitles :^)

With that being said, I will be making one or two movies out of all the episodes of SE Lain going four hours each, stretch them to 16:9, burn them to discs, play them on the PlayStation and record them again. Of course, I won't be there while recording since... well four hours is quite a long time and I got better things to do. Well, I could watch SE Lain once again. Great idea! I just know what I'm gonna do tomorra!!

Okay guys, see ya.

Oh yeah, developing is fun!

Yo yo yo! It’s me, saintly, once again with some rant about some things I experienced in the past few days.

So you know, I make web-applications, in PHP. I’m not good at it, but it made fun until some time ago. So, why doesn’t it make fun anymore? IT’S SIMPLY BECAUSE I FUCKING DO ALL THE WORK ALONE! And that really dries me out. I can’t do this anymore!! And people, who use the software I make, don’t even donate a buck xd

Well, I can understand that, but they don’t even drop by the Discord and say thanks or so. Just by doing that, I know that they like what I do. It’s even better, if they give ideas on what to do better.

If people would do that, everything would be fine.

But they don’t. They just do something: They remove the credits from the footer, and so on. I think that’s not cool. Really.

It’s just annoying as hell since other people don’t know the real author of the software that they are currently on. And just thinking of that makes me sad.

If I am ever on a small website and it looks great, I always want to know who made it. I browse the source code or simply look at the credits or so and find the name. If there’s a social media linked or so, I always make sure to say hello to them and tell them that they did a great job, since they really did!

Has this happened ever to me?

No. But that’s okay! I don’t expect all people to do that.

But I mean… there should be at least a few people who are doing that, right? I can not be the only one that’s doing that, am I?

Okay, anyways, today was one last time school, then it’s vacation!! Jeah!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, cool.

Well then, see ya!

Regards, Selim.

Written on 23.06.2022 on my old Tumblr.
(No) More Hooverphonic Music

Yo yo yo! It’s me once again.

You know, I’ve got a “new” phone just yesterday because my current phone isn’t working anymore. It’s a really old iPhone (ew) SE. Because I wanted to set it up, I created a new Apple ID (this is gonna haunt me the rest of my life) and installed some apps I really needed:

Spotify, YouTube, DB Navigator, Google Maps (of course!), Telegram, Webnovel and Wupsi.

Because all my passwords got compromised recently, I changed all my passwords, which was my first struggle because I generated the new passwords all automatic using Bitwarden (awesome software). So I logged into Spotify, and because I always listen to music offline if I can, I started downloading my huge library of over 6k songs (yes, I listen to *all* of them haha). While I was browsing it, I found a song from Hooverphonic.

So for your info, I literally grew up with this and a few more bands because my father listened to them all the time, meaning I would hear them too, and they were g-r-e-a-t!

The song I found was “Eden” from the Album “Blue Wonder Power Milk”. This was really my first song I really started to love. I still remember the old times when my father managed to get all the songs from Hooverphonic on my old Nokia and I instantly got hooked listening to them. Seriously, non-stop. Just don’t think about the quality of the music ^-^

Because I still love their music (and own all of their records on vinyl) I started listening to it. And wow, that took me back in time. After listening to it like eight or nine times in a row, I viewed the full album, listened to it for a whole day, then downloaded all the other albums they had. I re-discovered old favorites of mine, such as “Sometimes”, “Wake Up” or whole albums just like “Blue Wonder Power Milk”.

But because I’m a “cool kid”, I stopped listening on Spotify, turned my Grammophone and started playing their record of “Blue Wonder Power Milk”. I just couldn’t stop and always again and again listened to it.

It just made me feel sad that the music nowadays is becoming worse and worse, made with less and less effort. Just five lines of text then the refrain and repetitive loops of instruments. Take “Space Man” by Sam Ryder from Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Let me count them for you: One, two, three, four, and again, then refrain, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, okay okay, now eleven, twelve, thirteen, refrain again, 14, 15, 16, 17, okay then a slightly different version of the refrain, 18, 19, then the last four sentences are just again refrain. Wow, 19 lines of unique lyrics!


Just compare it with “Little Dark Age” by MGMT from 2018… it has way more than 19 lines of unique lyrics. Wow… was it that hard for Sam Ryder to come up with some lyrics? Really? I mean, for fucks sake, even I can do better!

So yeah, this is just some rant of some random guy from the internet, but keep that in mind. But hey, not all songs are like that! Take MGMT, Hooverphonic, libEluLLah, EERA, Udo Jürgens and a lot more of artists that produce (or produced) great music with more than… embarrassing 19 lines of unique lyrics.

Well well guys, I hope you liked my runt (as always).

Have a wonderful day, Selim!

Written on 14.06.2022 on my old Tumblr.
Hello world

So hey, what’s up.

This is my first entry, so I’m not gonna talk about much, but hey, an entry is an entry.

So recently, I bought a new typewriter. Cool, huh? Take for a weirdo (who I am) and tell me that typewriters aren’t cool, but you won’t be able to change my mind, since I love them. Really, I do.

Also, I’m thinking about buying a Shortwave radio for myself, just for fun. Maybe I’ll listen to some transmissions when I’m on it. Just maybe.

So yeah, all in all, life sucks. Tomorrow will be another day at the workshop. Cleaning, repairing, polishing, changing tires, whatever. I’m already exhausted by the idea of it. But yeah, nothing’s gonna change just thinking about it, so I’m gonna think of something else.

How about Overlord season four? It’s been quite some time now, I think it was scheduled to air 2021, however due to Covid 19, it got delayed to 2022 (I think but I’m not sure though). I really loved the first season, there wasn’t much usage of 3D CGI (which I hate) and the story (and Waifus of course) was great! I really fell in love with Albedo at first sight… hah. The second season was somewhat disappointing since it wasted a lot of episodes on those stupid Lizardmen, but I think that was an important part of the series as well just to demonstrate how OP Ainz really is, but I think you could skip it haha. And now for the third season. To be honest with you… I don’t quite remember it as well anymore since I didn’t watch it like 20 times like I did with the first two seasons. All I remember is the last episode with the cool fight. But I think it was a… little *too* much 3D CGI used, but that’s just my opinion.

I hope… you liked the rant I wrote. I hope you will continue to stay by my side while I write such useless stuff that was really important to humankind.

Have a wonderful day, Selim.

Written on 12.06.2022 on my old Tumblr.
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