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I have some more linkies for you, maybe you'll check them out. I would really appretiate it, if you could donate me some money. I spend a lot of time making software for everyone but I don't get paid - and that's ok of course. I make them because I want to, however it would be rewarding, if I get some money. It doesn't need to be much ^^
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-> PayPal - [email protected]
-> Ko-Fi - @saintly
-> Twitter - @saintly2k
-> Twitch - @saintly2k
-> SoundCloud - @saintly2k
-> Discord - $aintly#0394
-> Steam - id/saintly2k
github stuff
-> @saintly2k
-> @kaligula-eu
-> @H33Tx
-> @xHENAI
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